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Features 1 agenda daily view2 thumb
The display of your agenda is highly customizable. Colours, markers and symbols indicate different services, and type of action, such as appointments booked online.

A High-Performance and Easy-to-Use Calendar The essential appointment management tool for medical therapists and their patients

Discover the best Swiss online calendar according to our clients, specifically designed for medical therapists. is a professional and multifunctional tool, optimized to improve your efficiency and save you valuable time.

Schedule appointments with your patients in just a few clicks, and customize the display of information according to your preferences (colors, size, etc).

Features 2 fichier patient thumb
The highly customizable patient displays all patient information and appointment history.

Optimal Patient Record Management for Medical Therapists

Provide your patients with optimized care using our customizable and scalable patient record management solution. Find in each record the reports of all appointments (attended or not), the reason for consultation, medical history, and treatment follow-up by appointment.

Also, view the communication history and events related to each appointment, enabling precise and efficient tracking for healthcare professionals.

Features 3 reservation widget thumb
You can customize the booking widget with your colors, your services, and decide what you want to display.

Online Appointment Booking for Medical Therapists and Their Patients

Offer your patients a simplified appointment booking experience with an integrated booking button on your website. They will be able to reserve your available slots 24/7.

Maintain full control over all online booking parameters, such as presentation, availability, services, durations, and required information.'s online booking system is very user-friendly, not requiring account creation. It is perfectly suited for patients of all ages and parents booking for their children.

With fewer phone calls to interrupt you, you can fully devote yourself to your medical therapist profession.

Features 4 sms list thumb
You can define the types of reminders that are sent, as well as their frequency. It is even possible to disable reminders for some people.

Automated Appointment Reminders via SMS and Email

Set up automatic and personalized appointment reminders via SMS and email for your patients. These notifications improve punctuality and reduce the number of forgotten appointments in the field of medical therapy.

The result is immediate: fewer missed appointments and better time management for medical therapists and their patients.

Features 5 590 3 thumb
Generating an invoice at Tariff 590 takes only a few seconds from the calendar. You can send it directly to the patient by email.

Fast and Compliant Billing for Medical Therapists: Tarmed & Tariff 590

In just 15 seconds from an appointment on the calendar, medical therapists can issue Tarmed or Tariff 590 invoices, compliant with the requirements of health and supplementary insurances. Benefit from payment tracking and a complete history for optimal billing management.

Create TARMED bills that can be directly sent to the insurance. Thanks to our partnerships with Caisse de Médecins/Ärztekasse (MediOnline), you can also integrate's online appointment booking for simplified and efficient management of your medical consultations."

Features 6 page de presentation thumb
The presentation page on presents your practice and your services, in your colours and with your photos. This page will increase your visibility on Google!

Improve Communication and Patient Follow-up

With your personalized mini-site on, showcase your practice and services while strengthening your presence on Google, including for your own website. Provide better follow-up to your patients with optimized communication.

Easily send personalized SMS messages to your patients or broadcast newsletters via SMS or email with just a few clicks.

After each appointment, collect feedback from your patients regarding your services. Benefit from online ratings based on the feedback of your real patients, rather than anonymous reviews.

Features 7 croquis thumb
With digitized body charts, you can sketch any image in the patient file, and attach it to an appointment or patient.

Customization of Patient file for Medical Therapists

Discover numerous advanced features through activatable modules to customize patient records:

💡 Add documents to your patient's file or appointments

💡 Use delegation forms (particularly useful for physiotherapists)

💡 Benefit from body charts, sketches, and annotatable body diagrams for precise patient tracking

💡 And much more...

Optimize your patient record management and enhance your clients' experience with these tools specifically designed for medical therapists.

Features 8 email campaigns thumb
Send email campaigns to all your contacts in a few clicks.

Billing, Online Payments, and Email & SMS Campaigns

Take advantage of innovative features to optimize your management:

✅ Simplified billing for therapists

✅ Management of different consultation locations

✅ Advance collection (deposit or full amount) during online booking

✅ Customizable subscription management for easy session tracking

✅ Sale of vouchers and subscriptions online for your patients

✅ Sending scheduled messages (reminders) for optimal communication

✅ Sending group messages to all your contacts via email or SMS

✅ A directory of professionals to expand your network

Improve your management and grow your medical practice with these tools designed for therapists and their specific needs.

Features 9 team agenda view thumb
Adapted views of the calendar (by calendar) make it easy to see who is available.

Appointment Management Solution Tailored for Medical Therapist Teams

Discover a solution designed for teams of healthcare professionals:

☀️ Individual calendars for each team member, with customized access rights

☀️ Calendar views adapted for easy visualization of availability

☀️ Configuration of services, schedules, and priorities for each calendar

☀️ Full control of online appointment booking to optimize your schedule

☀️ Simplified resource management, such as the number of available rooms

Optimize the planning and management of your medical practice with this online appointment solution, tailored to the specific needs of therapists and their teams.

Features 10 mobile calendrier thumb
The entire application is available with an icon on your smartphone, allowing you immediate access.

Mobile Access

Manage your appointments easily from your mobile phone with, compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

Synchronize your medical appointments with Google Calendar (Android) and Apple (iPhone / iCalendar) for optimal accessibility wherever you are.

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