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Swiss appointment management solution

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Features 3 reservation widget thumb
You can customize the booking widget with your colors, your services, and decide what you want to display.

Easy online booking, at any time

With our reservation button integrated into your website, your customers can easily select your available time slots 24 hours a day.

You retain complete control of the parameters of the online reservation: presentation, availability, services, duration and information requested.

Using our online booking service on is child's play. No account creation is necessary, which makes it accessible to all your customers, regardless of age, including for parental reservations for children.

By reducing interruptions due to telephone calls, you can concentrate fully on your professional activity.

Features 13 booking code thumb
City of Lausanne, Contrôle des Habitants - Interfacing with the system for calling appointments by letter and QR code, allowing an automatic and directed appointment to be made, only for the person called, with a follow-up of the person called.

Advanced, customisable and tailor-made solution

Beyond the multiple configuration options offered by, we also offer tailor-made development and personalized consulting services.

Here are some examples of our expertise:

🎯 Online ticketing for Geneva-Plage

🎯 Online reservation system with convocation code for the Control of inhabitants, City of Lausanne (download the case study )

🎯 Integration of advanced resource management for the University of Geneva (download the case study)

🎯 Implementation of a medical summons generation system for the Geneva Lung League (LPVs)

🎯 Automatic billing integration

🎯 Management of registrations for your seminars and other events

🎯 Various CRM integrations

Together we can create a solution that perfectly meets your needs.

Features 6 page de presentation thumb
The presentation page on presents your practice and your services, in your colours and with your photos. This page will increase your visibility on Google!

Strengthen your communication and customer follow-up

With your personalized mini-site on, highlight your activity and your services, while significantly improving your visibility on Google, including that of your own site.

In just a few clicks, send personalized SMS to your customers or distribute newsletters by SMS or email.

After each meeting, ask your customers for their opinions on your services. This gives you an online ranking ("rating") based on feedback from your real customers, rather than anonymous comments. It's an effective way to build your credibility and reputation.

Features 1 agenda daily view2 thumb
The display of your agenda is highly customizable. Colours, markers and symbols indicate different services, and type of action, such as appointments booked online.

An intuitive and efficient agenda to optimize your time

The very essence of is its online calendar, considered the best in Switzerland by our customers.

It is a multi-functional professional tool that has been designed to boost your efficiency and maximise your time.

Plan your appointments in a few clicks and customise the display to your liking (colours, size, etc.). Your organisation has never been so simple and efficient.

Features 8 email campaigns thumb
Send email campaigns to all your contacts in a few clicks.

Invoicing, online payment, email and SMS campaigns, and more

Discover our innovative features:

✅ Simplified billing

✅ Optimized location management

✅ Advance payment (deposit or full) when booking online

✅ Configurable subscription management for easy reservations and automatic debit of sessions

✅ Sale of vouchers and subscriptions online for more flexibility

✅ Send scheduled messages to never forget a reminder

✅ Broadcast of group messages to all your contacts by email or SMS for effective communication

✅ A directory of professionals at your disposal

With these features, manage your business easier and more efficiently.

Features 11 promotions thumb
Publish special offers and promotions that you can communicate directly to your customers to fill your empty slots and build customer loyalty.

Grow your client base

Use our system to send targeted mailings to your customers and build a loyal customer base.

Offer subscriptions and gift vouchers for sale online, and easily manage your loyalty programs.

Collect reviews to continually improve your service.

Launch your special offers and promotions. You define the amount of the discount without paying commission to third parties! Keep full control of your promotions, in terms of quality, discounts and quantities available.

Features 4 sms list thumb
You can define the types of reminders that are sent, as well as their frequency. It is even possible to disable reminders for some people.

Appointment alerts by SMS and email, personalised and automated

Activate automatic appointment reminders, customizable by SMS and email, and immediately observe the effect: fewer missed appointments and fewer delays from your customers!

Our online platform offers you the possibility to easily follow the appointment history of your customers and improve the satisfaction rate.

Features 9 team agenda view thumb
Adapted views of the calendar (by calendar) make it easy to see who is available.

A solution designed for teams

Each member of your team has their own calendar, with customisable access rights to other calendars.

Our adaptive calendar views make it easy to see everyone's availability.

You can set services, availability, and even prioritise online bookings for each calendar, giving you full control.

Our intuitive resource management, such as a limited number of rooms, is integrated to optimise your company's weekly planning.

Features 10 mobile calendrier thumb
The entire application is available with an icon on your smartphone, allowing you immediate access.

Stay connected with mobile access

Take advantage of on the go from your mobile phone or synchronize your appointments with your mobile devices, whether iPhone or Android.

Our platform is compatible with all types of media, guaranteeing optimal accessibility for you and your customers.

"Our customers are very happy to be able to make an appointment online at a time that is convenient for them."
-Pneus Claude SA, customer since October 2014.