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Features 3 reservation widget thumb
You can customize the booking widget with your colors, your services, and decide what you want to display.

Online appointment scheduling software for salons and institutes

With our online booking solution, offer your clients the possibility to book your available slots 24/7 with a reservation button integrated on your website.

Our beauty and hair salon appointment management app allows you to maintain full control over all online booking parameters: presentation, your availabilities, services, duration, and requested information.

Online booking with our appointment management system is very simple and does not require the creation of an account. It is therefore suitable for all your clients, including elderly people and parents booking for their children.

With our online appointment platform for salons and beauticians, you will be less disturbed by phone calls and can fully dedicate yourself to your profession.

Features 6 page de presentation thumb
The presentation page on presents your practice and your services, in your colours and with your photos. This page will increase your visibility on Google!

Communication management and customer follow-up for salons and institutes

Our online appointment management platform includes your own mini-site on, showcasing your institute and services. This significantly improves your presence on Google, including your own website.

With our scheduling tool for beauty and hair salons, easily send personalized SMS messages to your clients or SMS or email newsletters with just a few clicks.

After each appointment, collect feedback from your clients on your services with our hair and beauty salon appointment management system. This way, you benefit from an online "rating" based on feedback from your real clients, rather than anonymous comments.

Features 1 agenda daily view2 thumb
The display of your agenda is highly customizable. Colours, markers and symbols indicate different services, and type of action, such as appointments booked online.

Powerful and easy-to-use calendar application for beauty professionals

At the heart of our online booking solution for beauty and hair salons is the best Swiss online calendar (according to our customers).

Our appointment manager is a professional and multifunctional calendar, designed to be efficient and save you valuable time in scheduling appointments.

Organize your appointments with your clients in just a few clicks with our scheduling software for beauticians and hairdressers, and customize the display of information according to your preferences (colors, size, etc).

Features 14 cash module thumb
A sales module enables you to receive money using cash & card, issue receipts and manage product stocks.

Billing, online payment, email & SMS campaigns

Discover the innovative features of our online appointment platform for salons and beauticians:

✅ Simplified billing

✅ Venue management

✅ Advance payment (of a deposit or full amount) for services during online booking

✅ Configurable subscription management, allowing for booking with subscription and automatically debiting subscription sessions

✅ Sale of vouchers and subscriptions online

✅ Sending scheduled messages (recalls) for optimal follow-up

✅ Sending group messages to all your contacts by email or SMS with our hair salon appointment management system

✅ Professional directory to grow your network

Benefit from an all-in-one solution to optimize the management of your beauty salon, hair salon, and more, improve communication with your clients, and increase your revenue

Features 11 promotions thumb
Publish special offers and promotions that you can communicate directly to your customers to fill your empty slots and build customer loyalty.

Grow your beauty and hair salon clientele

Boost customer loyalty by sending targeted mailings from your customer database.

Offer the sale of subscriptions and gift vouchers online and efficiently manage loyalty cards with our online booking solution for salons and beauticians.

Collect your clients' feedback to continually improve the quality of your services.

Highlight your special offers and promotions on our online appointment platform for beauty and hair salons. You decide on the amount of discounts, without paying commissions to third parties! Maintain control over your promotions in terms of quality, discounts, and available quantities.

Features 4 sms list thumb
You can define the types of reminders that are sent, as well as their frequency. It is even possible to disable reminders for some people.

SMS and email appointment reminders management for salons

Activate and personalize automatic appointment reminders by SMS and email with our appointment management system for hair salons and beauty salons.

See immediate results: fewer forgotten appointments and fewer clients late for your beauty and hair services!

In addition, our online appointment platform for salons and beauticians allows you to easily track your clients' appointment history and adjust your reminders according to their preferences. Save time and improve client satisfaction by offering a personalized and adapted appointment reminder service that meets their needs. Use this tool to strengthen customer loyalty and boost your business.

Features 9 team agenda view thumb
Adapted views of the calendar (by calendar) make it easy to see who is available.

Agenda management and collaboration solution for your beauty salon team

Our online appointment platform for salons and beauticians offers a team-adapted solution, improving collaboration between employees and team management within your salon.

☀️ Each of your collaborators has their own calendar, and you can specify their access rights to other calendars for total control.

☀️ Customized calendar views make it easy to see who is available and promote better coordination among team members.

☀️ Customize services for each calendar, availabilities, and even prioritize who is considered for online appointments to optimize workload distribution.

Our scheduling software for beauty and hair salons integrates simple resource management (such as a limited number of rooms) to help you efficiently plan your establishment's week and ensure a seamless experience for your clients and team.

Features 10 mobile calendrier thumb
The entire application is available with an icon on your smartphone, allowing you immediate access.

Simplified mobile access

Access our online appointment platform for salons and beauticians from your mobile phone, or sync appointments to your iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Easily sync with Google Calendar (Android) and Apple (iPhone / iCalendar) for optimal appointment management wherever you are.

Additionally, our hair and beauty salon appointment management system is designed to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience for clients on mobile. They can book their appointments in a minute from their smartphone, making it easier to access your services and manage their schedules. This mobile ease of use contributes to retaining your customers and attracting new ones.

„ I'm very happy with, it's very practical and brings me new clients! I highly recommend this service. ”
- Sandra Detienne, Beauty-secrets, Sion