Confidentiality of customer/patient data when booking appointments on sells the use of its agenda management software to professionals (hereinafter "providers") in various sectors. These providers include therapists, beauty salon managers and sports field reservation services.

Service providers pay a subscription fee to in order to use the software at the rates indicated on our website.

Data is hosted by on secure servers in Switzerland.

When booking appointments online, customers/patients of service providers enter personal data such as name, address, contact details and other information relevant to the processing of their appointment, according to the configuration established by the service provider. This data is not managed or used by, only by the providers. is not the owner of the data you enter. never exploits this data in any form, in particular to sell it, exploit it for marketing purposes, derive statistical analyses from it or highlight it on our site.

In accordance with current legislation, the service provider (and not is responsible for processing and, where necessary, deleting your data. If you have provided data to a service provider working with our application and wish to delete it, please contact the service provider directly.

If a service provider requests us to do so, all data relating to one or more of its customers/patients will be deleted by