„I am impressed with your attentiveness and the hard work you put into improving the site and your service.”

- A doctor in Nyon

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The easy-to-use, high-performance agenda

At the heart of agenda.ch: the best Swiss online calendar (according to our customers).

It is a professional and multifunctional agenda, designed to be efficient and save you valuable time.

Schedule your appointments with your patients in a few clicks, and display the information according to your preferences (colors, size, etc.).

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Optimal patient management
In a scalable and customizable patient management system, are displayed the minutes of all appointments (honored or not), the reason for consultation, anamnesis, and treatment follow-up by appointment.

You can also view the history of communications, and the events related to each appointment, which allows you a very accurate follow-up.
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Online appointment management for medical professionals

Thanks to a booking button that can be inserted on your website, your patients can book your available slots, 24 hours a day.

You keep complete control over all the parameters of the online booking; the presentation, your availability, services, duration, requested information, etc.

Less disturbed by phone calls, you can concentrate on your job.
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SMS and email appointment reminders
Enable and customize automatic appointment reminders by SMS and email. The result is immediate: fewer missed appointments, and fewer late patients!

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Thanks to our partnerships with the Caisse de Médecins (MediOnline)) and MediWay (Meditools), you can also integrate the online appointment booking of agenda.ch. Further Tarmed integrations are planned in the near future, contact us.

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Communication and Patient follow up

A dedicated page on agenda.ch presents your practice and your services, and considerably improves your presence on Google, including your own website.

Send, in a few clicks, personalized SMS messages to your patient, or SMS or email newsletters.

At the end of the appointment, you can automatically collect your patients' opinions on your services; allowing you to have online ratings created by real patients rather than anonymous people. see an example >

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Personalize the patient file
  • add documents (a photo/image, pdf file, etc.) to your patient files or appointments
  • delegation vouchers (particularly useful for our clients physiotherapists).
  • Body charts, sketches & diagrams of annotable bodies.

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  • Payment of advance bookings, SMS campaigns, etc.

    The agenda.ch team regularly adds new features to the tool. For example:

    • advance payment (of a deposit or the totality) of the service when booking online
    • SMS campaigns
    • a professional directory
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    A tool adapted to teams

    Each of your collaborators has their own agenda, and you can specify their access rights to other agendas.

    Adapted views of the calendar make it easy to see who is available.

    You can specify the services for each agenda, availability, and even who is the priority for online appointment booking, in order to keep total control.

    A simple resource management (such as a limited number of rooms) is integrated, and allows you to optimize the planning of the week for your practice.
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    Mobile Access

    Access agenda.ch from your mobile phone, or synchronize appointments from agenda.ch to your mobile devices

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    Cabinet Physiothérapie de la Barillette, Nyon, Suisse
    "All my collegues were already satisfied agenda.ch customers, and I also decided to adopt it! What I thought would be complicated turned out to be really simple! agenda.ch is very flexible and adapts itself to my needs.

    I retain full control and the support and is very good, they answer straight away."

    - Madame Sibyl Szedressy , client with agenda.ch, since september 2016.
    32 dents - Dental Hygienist, Geneva, Switzerland
    "To be able to devote myself to my patients during care is my priority. With agenda.ch, I reduced the number of telephone calls by 80%, so I'm no longer disturbed by phone calls through online booking! "

    - Naiara Coaro, 32 Dents , client with agenda.ch since June 2015.
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