We are at your disposal

Wouter van der Lelij


Founder, Director & Passionate entrepreneur

I am Swiss, with Dutch name (and size)! After studying in Lausanne, I founded the job platform JobUP.ch in 2000, and the fruit company OU BIEN ?! in 2011.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and I also coach entrepreneurs.

What I like about agenda.ch: we provide a local and useful service. I believe that our tool is changing local appointment booking. I love building a close relationship with my clients and to provide them with great service. I am available for you if you want to talk to me!

Carole Mariethoz


Client & Administrative Manager

At agenda.ch I am responsible for clients. I take care of on-boarding new customers and customer satisfaction is my priority! I like to listen to people and to answer questions about agenda. This challenge motivates me, so I am happy to come to work every day at agenda.ch.

Olivier Coubès



Hello, my name is Olivier Coubès.

I'd love to meet you to get to know you, to understand your needs, and to talk to you with my accent "Neuchâtelois"!

What I like about agenda.ch : I like to bring innovative solutions to my clients and to meet new independent people in my region !

Aurelie Jujan


Account Manager

After obtaining my BA in Marketing & Négociation in 2015, I found exactly the job that I was looking for. Agenda.ch caught my attention because I think it is a very smart tool! I would love to talk to you about Agenda.ch. I'm at your disposal, see you soon! :)

Eugenio Noto



I graduated in Computer Science because I love to solve puzzles.

When I'm not at agenda.ch you can find me playing board games, baseball or billiard.

What I like about agenda.ch : we have a lot of new implementation ideas in order to make the agenda even more useful.

Pio Parol



I am a developper with 8 years of experience in web development. I like adding new features and I strive to make agenda.ch better.

In my free time, I play classical and electric guitar, I am a bricklayer, a plumber, and I like to cook.