What if your patients could
book online at any time?

Concentrate on your activity.

Gain time in secretarial work by allowing your patients to book online!

Internet, and mobile phones, have revolutionised our way of life. Your patients are more and more connected. They want to rapidly book it straight away.

agenda.ch provides solutions to our medical offices that help them gain considerable time, notably by offering online appointment booking, even when you are with another patient.

Add the agenda.ch Book appointment button to the home page of your website to allow your patients to book online appointments within minutes.

You do not have a website? We will offer you one for free, (example) customisable and referenced on Google.

You will be less disturbed by telephone calls and will spend less time fixing appointments, so that you can concentrate on your activity.

Book online

SMS and email reminders

agenda.ch automatically sends an appointment reminder to patients by SMS and email. Reduce the number of missed appointments and late patients!

You gain substantial time while increasing efficiency, and your patients will be delighted.


Manage your team optimally

Every one of your employees has his own agenda, that can be synchronized and managed individually. You maintain full control over the schedules and availability of all your employees .

You can also configure which agenda can provide which service, when, and which agenda has priority for being booked by appointments.

Team management

Sync with all your devices

You can import calendars from your mobile devices in real time. Your existing appointments are automatically imported into agenda.ch, blocking unavailable slots for booking appointments online.

Similarly, you can export the appointments from agenda.ch to your mobile device, you are sure to have all the information at any time on the go.


Suivi de patients

agenda.ch is also a Patient Management tool, listing patient information and their appointment history.

At the end of the appointment, you can automatically obtain patient feedback concerning your services (example).


Cabinet Physiothérapie de la Barillette, Nyon, Suisse

"All my collegues were already satisfied agenda.ch customers, and I also decided to adopt it! What I thought would be complicated turned out to be really simple! agenda.ch is very flexible and adapts itself to my needs.

I retain full control and the support and is very good, they answer straight away."

- Madame Sibyl Szedressy , client with agenda.ch, since september 2016.

32 dents - Dental Hygienist, Geneva, Switzerland

"To be able to devote myself to my patients during care is my priority. With agenda.ch, I reduced the number of telephone calls by 80%, so I'm no longer disturbed by phone calls through online booking! "

- Naiara Coaro, 32 Dents , client with agenda.ch since June 2015.

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The swiss solution for online booking.

Every day, thousands of people book appointments with professionals through agenda.ch.

Hundreds of clients in Switzerland trust us with their daily activity.

  • ”Je suis ravie d’agenda.ch, c’est pratique et en plus ça m’apporte des nouvelles clientes! Je n’arrête pas d’en parler autour de moi pour recommander ce service!”

    Sandra Detienne, Beauty-secrets à Sion

  • ”Il est rare de trouver un agenda simple et facile à utiliser répondant aux besoins de mon salon de coiffure, c’est à présent chose faite avec agenda.ch.”

    Gaby Silva, Latitude Coiffure à Lausanne

  • ”Comment imaginer une de mes journées sans agenda.ch ? Avant, nous passions nos journées au téléphone à planifier nos rdv. Aujourd’hui, agenda.ch permet de gérer ce qui m’était impossible à organiser.”

    Rechignac Louis, L'INDOOR Golf à Genève

  • ”Mes clients viennent à l'heure ! Je recommande agenda.ch, et je continuerai car c'est un excellent outil à un prix correct.”

    Maude Favre, Cabinet Maude Favre à Genève

  • ”Pour moi tout est parfait...Je recommande vivement agenda.ch!”

    Régis Félix, Régis FELIX + RFormation.ch à Genève

  • ”L'agenda c'est simple et très bien pour l'organisation du planning. Depuis que j'utilise agenda mes clients sont satisfaits de pouvoir prendre rendez-vous selon mon planning et leurs disponibilités.”

    Emmanuel Voyance, Emmanuel Voyance à Monthey et Bramois

  • ”Grâce à agenda.ch, je peux communiquer à clients mes offres exclusives chaque semaine.”

    Lilian Spichtig, Centre de Thérapies Naturelles