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agenda.ch is an independent Swiss company, active since 2011.

Our values


We are a Swiss digital services company. We favour collaborations with local partners and suppliers.

Performance and Evolution

We like to move forward, evolve our services, and create high-performance solutions that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We think long-term.

Responsibility & Commitment

We have confidence in every member of our team. We are each responsible for our actions and are personally involved.

Availability & Listening

We are available to help our customers and answer their questions, comments and criticisms.

Simplicity & Respect

We remain ourselves and consider our customers as we would like to be considered.

Ethical & Human

We are honest and transparent. We like human relationships (most of the time), and we like to laugh, also at ourselves.

Our team

Wouter van der Lelij


Founder & Entrepreneur

Fondateur du site d’emploi JobUP.ch et les fruits OU BIEN?!.

Ce que j’aime chez agenda.ch : nous rendons un service local et utile. Notre outil aide la mise en relation entre personnes et la prise de rendez-vous. J'adore construire des relations sincères avec mes clients et de leur rendre le meilleur service possible. Je suis à votre disposition si vous avez envie de discuter avec moi!

Jaana Paraiso


Admin & clientèle

As a customer manager, my objective is the satisfaction of all users of our management tool.
I speak 6 languages... and I would be happy to speak to you in yours :).

Bono Stebler


Partner / Head of Engineering

I bring our application to life by executing our vision. I design, implement and maintain our software and infrastructure.

agenda.ch is active at all hours of the day and the night. Like a child, it needs constant care and support. Doubt? Sleepless? Hurt? I'm never too far.

Thomas Mayor


Support & IT

I take care of the training of new customers and therefore your satisfaction is my priority.

I like to listen to people to answer all questions about the operation of the company. agenda.

Graziella Corvini



I work part-time at agenda.ch. I am also a therapist and author.

I like to be of service and see our customers happy.